The Pillars of Corporate Wellness

Assessments are used to establish baselines for employee and company health, determine employee health risk status for chronic diseases, and to track employee progress towards individual and company health goals. Assessments are achieved through wellness events such as onsite health screenings, wellness fairs, and 1 to 1 wellness assessments.

Corporate wellness programs can be difficult to build from the ground up especially if you don't know where to begin. Frontier Wellness takes a multi-faceted approach to building successful corporate wellness programs. Every program Frontier Wellness builds involves 4 supporting pillars made up individual modules. It is these modules that are the keys to our successful and well-rounded programs.



Education is a crucial step in providing a strong sense of wellness and injury prevention both inside and outside of the workplace. The importance of education lies in the fact that many people are unaware of the potential dangers unhealthy habits and certain lifestyles pose to their health. Education raises awareness and teaches employees to make lifestyle changes and healthier choices. Frontier Wellness education is done through wellness events such as onsite wellness talks, workshops and newsletters.


A wise man once said, "An ounce of prevention is easier to manage than a pound of pain." 70% of all diseases can be avoided by maintaining good health through proper nutrition and exercise practices. Frontier Wellness programs offer employee and company access to preventative forms of healthcare onsite to ensure optimum health and wellness through events such as onsite chiropractic care and massage therapy.


Without employee participation, no matter the program design, corporate wellness will fail. Frontier Wellness builds incentives and rewards programs into every corporate wellness program to promote and track employee involvement. We use a variety of individual and team based incentives to keep employees motivated and participating while transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. 

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Frontier Wellness Customized Program Options Include: 

Fitness Tracking Bands

Health Screenings

Employee Physicals

Drug Free Workplace Programs & Background Checks

1 to 1 Wellness Assessments

Workstation Evaluations

Wellness Fairs

Wellness Talks

Wellness Workshops


Onsite Chiropractic Care

Onsite Massage Therapy

Wellness Tracking

Incentives Programs