Frontier Wellness raises the bar when it comes to corporate wellness and your company. We have taken the traditional workplace wellness model, broken it down, and rebuilt it from the ground up. Our program is more comprehensive than attaining biometric readings and filling out health risk assessment forms. With our corporate wellness program, companies can find piece of mind in knowing that their wellness program is designed and implemented by the wellness professionals on our team. This way, companies can focus on their day to day operations while maintaining transparency as Frontier Wellness can focus on getting employees healthy.

Our Program

Benefits of Our Corporate Wellness Programs

Cost Effective
"Companies can expect to save $3 for every $1 spent on current healthcare costs."

Company Transparency
"Frontier Wellness designs and runs the program program with minimal company involvement." 

​Comprehensive Wellness Program
​"From health screenings and wellness talks to fitness and wellness tracking, Frontier Wellness does it all!"

Decreased Healthcare Costs
"Healthy companies have a lower claims history."

Decreased Absenteeism
"Employees miss less work due to injury or illness."

Decreased Workplace Injuries
"Healthy employees are less likely to sustain an injury while at work."

Increased Employee Productivity
"Healthy employees are more likely to have higher levels of productivity do to decreases in downtime."

Increased Company Loyalty
"Employees are more likely to stay with a company who takes interest in their well-being, increasing company morale and employee retention rates."

Comprehensive Wellness

Frontier Wellness looks at corporate wellness as a large structure that needs a strong foundation. A foundation that involves the support in four areas that are different but equal in their importance. We call these areas our four pillars of corporate wellness.





Company Health Insurance

For companies looking to reduce healthcare costs, The expert health insurance agents on our wellness team will assess the company's current health plan and find the best option. Frontier Wellness provides this service free of charge in our complimentary assessments.

​Frontier Wellness

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